Why You Should Work With Us

We help business owners and marketers like you become more successful faster by helping you create 2 things.

  • A well-designed customer journey that gets your customers closer to their desired end goal than anyone else does.
  • A suite of marketing assets (emails, landing pages etc) that moves the customer along that journey, and turns them from strangers into raving fans.

Here’s how we are going to make you better than your competition, fast …

We use blueprints based on the world’s most successful customer journeys – and the highest converting marketing assets– to make sure we create something that is world-class.

Because we start with what works, and then adapt it for your offering, that saves us time and leapfrogs the usual slow and painful learning curve.

From the start of the customer journey, where we introduce and position you as the trusted expert, through to increasing the customer’s engagement with your brand and ascending as a buyer through your product range, up to the point where they become a vocal advocate for what you do …

… all of this is done seamlessly and in your own style. (And with as much automation as possible.)

But if we use blueprints, won’t we look like other people?

No, for 2 very good reasons.

The first is that a blueprint is simply a format that ensures we get the structure right first time. Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz and the 3500 year old Babylonian epic Gilgamesh are all built to the same blueprint. But they are very different experiences – the only thing that they visibly have in common is their considerable success.

The second is that we only work with one company per market. So if we work with you, we won’t be working with your direct competitors. (And vice versa, of course!)

Here’s our pedigree …

We’ve been working with companies of all sizes for over 25 years.

Past clients and people we have worked with include Red Bull, Virgin, Hilton, Hitachi, EuroMoney Investor and many more, from billion-pound bluechips through to one man bands. We have run projects with Sir Richard Branson, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak – even the Wolf of Wall Street.

We’ve helped clients go from startup to £100m plus empires. We’ve worked with £40m marketing budgets, and £40 marketing budgets.

We’ve helped companies slash their cost of customer acquisition by 66% in less than 2 months.

We’ve designed automated product launch systems that netted £300,000 within the first 48 hour of launch. We’ve marketed and successfully run 5,000 delegate entrepreneurship conferences and summits.

We’ve designed and run high-profile charitable events for clients involving live broadcasts from helicopters over London that have raised over half a million for children’s charities.

(We’ve even put bears into space as part of a promotional event we designed for Rainbow Trust, that involved Cambridge University Spaceflight division and Professor Brian Cox.)

We’ve created live and automated webinars, membership sites, social media & email engagement and conversion campaigns, product launches, event promotion campaigns, digital products, and much more.

Our “Why” – The DeliverAid Programme

We use profits from my work to help orphans and children in care in Africa and Eastern Europe build a brighter future by directly supplying them with computers and educational materials with our DeliverAid team.

Since 2013 we’ve directly delivered aid to thousands of disadvantaged children in places like Western Sahara, Morocco, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, and the Philippines.