Here are the 5 types of skill you need to progress in life. (Read Time: 2m15s)

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Here are the 5 types of skill you need to progress in life. (Read Time: 2m15s)

As you progress in life, the types of skills you need to succeed evolve through 5 stages.

The Ability to Take Action

When we’re young and just starting out, we need to be able to DO things. Other people tell us what to do, we just need to be able to do it well. (At this point, you are normally at team member level.)

The Ability To Manage Projects

After we’ve mastered doing simple tasks, we get given more things to do, things where there are a number of actions we need to take, and its up to us to work out what they are and in what order to do them. We may even have other people that we get to take action. (This is often the start of a junior management role for us.)

The Ability To Set Objectives

The next stage in our evolution comes when we need to decide how far and fast things get done. We start setting targets and creating defined objectives, and ensuring people are doing the projects and actions that will help us get there. (This is often a middle management role.)

The Ability To Manage the Mission

If we do well managing objectives, then we will will have the opportunity to progress to the next level – managing the mission, and ensuring that people are setting the right objectives with their areas. (At this point we’re often at senior management level. They may even name car parking spaces after you!)

The Ability To Define the Vision

The pinnacle is where we are in charge of where all this is going. Our success depends on us seeing the path clearly, and motivating and inspiring other people to work together and make it happen. (This is where we become a true leader and visionary, and often an industry thought leader.)

So here’s the question …

How good are you right now at doing each of these things? How would you rate your abilities in each area on a scale of 1 to 5?

How far you get in life will rely on your ability to manage your own evolution through those 5 stages.

Here are some important things to bear in mind …

  • The more senior you become, the more you will need the ability to manage increasing levels of vagueness and complexity.
  • Our brains do very well on their own at lower levels (doing predefined physical tasks) but they work less well on their own when managing and balancing lots of conceptual things.
  • The higher you progress, the less well defined your required outcomes are.
  • If you want to start your own business, you need to instantly master all 5 of these areas.
  • If you don’t develop the skills you need, you will limit your ability to either progress in an existing company or build your own.
  • The more senior we get, the more things are happening in our lives. (IE Increased responsibility in our professional lives, and a growing number of moving parts at home – house, spouse, kids etc.)
  • Happiness only comes when all of the plates in your life are spinning OK.

AgileOS was created to help you manage your thinking and actions at all 5 of those levels.

The AgileOS system is a place where you can manage everything in your personal and professional life, beautifully.

It has the DEPTH you need: from defining your vision through to managing what you are doing today – AgileOS gives you a place to handle it all.

It has the BREADTH you need: from handling work tasks and teams through to managing your personal life and goals – AgileOS gives you a place to handle it all

AgileOS empowers you to focus your thoughts, define your goals and manage your actions and teams from anywhere in the world. It gives you a place to park and process every idea, task or challenge, and helps you do or delegate things in seconds.






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