Book a 1:1 Coaching Session on How to Digitise and Automate your Marketing and Delivery

Imagine if you could have a 1:1 session with an expert and create a plan to dramatically increase your profitability, so you make more money by delivering increased value to clients, but spend less time doing it …

Imagine if you also got free lifetime access to your own information-packed success planner system so you could manage your growth confidently …

Imagine if you also had free lifetime access to a training suite with hundreds of videos on how to boost your business growth at low cost, PLUS over 15,000 articles you can use as your own for social media, blogging, ebook creation and more …

Now imagine if you could have it all for less than the price of a halfway decent meal for two …

What does a Coaching Session give me?

I work with millionaires and startups, bluechips and one-man bands. Over the last 20 years, we have evolved an incredibly powerful operating model – one that has taken some clients from startup to £100m plus, winning them lots of awards along the way.

On the session, we will use this proven blueprint to discover where YOU need to make the most important improvements to your business, and then we’ll create a plan to make the changes required.

Regardless of what stage your business is at, we can work out where you want to be, and create a roadmap that will get you there, saving you lots of time and money on trial and error!

  • What systems do you need?
  • How do you set it up?
  • How do you get people to take notice of you?

How much is the session? How long is it?

Sessions last 30 mins, and cost £47 plus VAT – and you can book yours today by clicking on the button below.

PLUS: You will get this month’s Action Bonus:

As well as our complete online success planning system that is full of guides to grow and automate your business, you will also get lifetime access to a comprehensive training and content library that will massively boost your marketing at low cost. Instant and lifetime access to over 400 HD training videos, plus over 15,000 ready-to-use articles on both B2B and B2C topics!

Got a question? Here are the answers!

What’s the process with booking the sessions?

I use Calendly to allow people to book a session with me. It’s nice and simple:

  • You get to see my calendar
  • You select a slot that works for you
  • You choose which channel you would like to connect via (phone, Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype etc)
  • You make a quick secure payment
  • You’ll get a reminder for your own calendar
  • We will then have our session at the allotted time.
  • When you attend, you’ll get the link to your personal Merlin board, which also contains your training and content bonuses.

What areas will we cover?

We can cover any aspect of your business, but the greatest value I can give you is helping you define:

  • The best strategy for your business in terms of product and services offered
  • How to engage your customers and massively increase your conversion rates
  • How to digitise your content, broaden your reach and automate your income with webinars, membership sites and other essential tools

Will 30 minutes be enough?

We will use that session to work out where you most need to take action. The planner system we use will give you the instructions on what needed – our main aim is to work out which bits are the most important, and to answer your questions!

How can I be sure I will get value from this session?

So if I’m preaching treating the customer right, and building trust, then I need to be consistent. So here’s my guarantee – you’ll either happily leave the session with better understanding and some sort of plan of attack – or I’ll refund your 100% of your session fee. Without quibble.

Why are you doing this?

I’m not in this for Lamborghinis.

(I actually drive a VW Up – I do 50,000 miles a year, and trust me, it saves me so much in fuel having a diddy little car.)

My thing is education, and helping kids who don’t have access to it, get it.

So I use 50% of the profits to help orphans and children in care in Africa and Eastern Europe build a brighter future by directly supplying them with computers and educational materials with my DeliverAid team.

(Also bears – kids love bears. And frisbees. And Lego. In fact, all the stuff our kids have that these little guys don’t.)

Since 2013 we’ve directly delivered aid to thousands of disadvantaged children in places like Western Sahara, Morocco, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, and the Philippines. Here’s some photos from our most recent trips …