Begin with the End in Mind: What does success look like for YOU personally? (2 min read)

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Begin with the End in Mind: What does success look like for YOU personally? (2 min read)

The 3 ways people often go astray

There seem to be 3 main ways that people come unstuck when it comes to achieving what they want.

  • The first is that they try to follow someone else’s route to success – these are the people climbing the proverbial “ladder leaning against the wrong wall.”
  • The second is they they assume success is far more important in one area of their lives – these are the people frantically spinning their career plate whilst their personal relationship and health plates wobble and tumble crashing to the floor.
  • The third is they try to do everything at once – these are the people who put every idea into action straight away, who mistake busy for productive.

So there seem to be 3 criteria for defining what you want to achieve.

  • It needs to personal: rather than a hand-me-down route to someone else’s destination, you need something that resonates with you personally. Something tailored to fit who YOU are, what YOU are good at, and what YOU care about.
  • It needs to be holistic: this is a fancy way of saying you need to balance all of the roles in your life, and make sure that any area where you have some form of commitment gets the right amount of airtime.
  • It needs to be phased: as the saying goes, there is a time for everything under the sun. We can’t do everything at once, so we need a place to keep things simmering until we are in the right place in our lives to realise that dream without it being at the expense of other important things.

Beginning with the end YOU want in mind.

Most of us have by now figured that the initial buzz of material things (whilst fun) is no replacement for a balanced life.  There are enough mansions of the miserable out there as it is, populated by people who worked bloody hard and sacrificed important things to get to a place where they didn’t actually want to be.

Some of you will recognise the phrase beginning with the end in mind as being associated with the late great Stephen Covey.

Covey’s studies produced a lot of great work – but one of his most important observations was that up until recent times, success literature was about development of character – having the strength to express who YOU are.

As opposed a lot of modern stuff, most of which is a collection of techniques and strategies which – whilst great in their own right – are missing an underlying and essential purpose.

7 important questions

You already know that the quality of the answers you get in life comes from the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.

So here are some important questions to consider.

  • Who are the people you admire for what they achieved in their lives?
  • Who are the people you most respect in terms of the value they add?
  • If you woke up one morning and found you had £100,000,000,000 in your account, what would you dedicate you life to doing? (After the usual flurry of toys and adventures!)
  • What legacy do you want to leave behind?
  • If you were in charge of the universe, what would you use YOU to do, given your talents and passions?
  • What would you want your eventual Wikipedia entry to say about you?
  • What is the best way that you can add the biggest value to other people’s live to the point where they show their gratitude financially?

A tool to help you

It takes some careful thought to be able to step back from what we are fed daily by the world around us, to focus on our agenda as opposed to the agendas of other people.

To work out what we actually want to achieve ourselves, and then chunk it down into the most important actions.

And that thinking isn’t easy to do solely in the cramped and hectic office of our minds.

That’s why we designed AgileOS as a system to help you to define and deliver your own personal vision of success in every area of your work and home life.

AgileOS empowers you to focus your thoughts, define your goals and manage your actions and teams from anywhere in the world. It gives you a place to park and process every idea, task or challenge, and helps you do or delegate things in seconds.

And because it’s important, we made it free.

If you’d like to see how it can help you, check out our starter kit.




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